Classic Rock 102.1 SPUD FM's classic image spot. 0:15 QT 1.7Mb (4.4MB)
Branding and positioning for Magic 93. 0:15 QT 1.7Mb (4.4MB)

0:30 QT 1.7Mb (8.9MB)

KISS 105.3 FM - Ottawa
Featuring a listener that has an infectious laugh, this one will keep you rolling in the aisles! QT 1.7Mb (7.9MB)
Rock 106 - Calgary
Our client had the concept, we made it happen with a bang... QT 1.7Mb (7.8MB)
107.7 The River - Lethbridge
A continuation of their brand to move this station in to the fall. QT 1.7Mb (8.6MB)
105.3 KISS FM - Ottawa
Today's Music, Today's Variety... KISS FM is now re-positioned for the new season. QT 1.7Mb (8.2MB)
Lynx First Broadcast
3 x 0:15's to help tease the first TV Broadcast date.  The concept is that "we're gettin' ready" ... and who else better to sell it then the mascot: Scratch.  A thirty second version was also produced. Spot 1: QT 1.7Mb (3.2MB)

Spot 2: QT 1.7Mb (3.2MB)

Spot 3: QT 1.7Mb (3.2MB)

105.3 KISS FM Ottawa
suite42 Welcomes 105.3 KISS FM to Ottawa.  We produced 3 spots, helping add variety to the heavy ad buy that was made announcing their position and dial location. Spot 1: QT 1.7Mb (7.5MB)

Spot 2: QT 1.7Mb (7.5MB)

Spot 3: QT 1.7Mb (7.5MB)

Y101 Ottawa
After some changes to formats and dial locations, the former Y105 is now Y101 in Ottawa. QT 1.7Mb (8.5MB)
107.7 The River - Lethbridge
A vacation contest spot for their spring sweeps period:  Paris in the Springtime. QT 1.7Mb (6.7MB)
Ottawa Citizen Citydesk - Cafe
A "hyper-local" one-on-one with the person behind this daily local news magazine program.  QT 1.7Mb (7.7MB)
Y105 Ottawa
A quick change of format for the holidays called for a quick change to the currently on-air TV creative.  suite42 produced this custom spot in record time. QT 1.7Mb (6.9MB)
ROCK 106 Lethbridge
Tired of those testimonial spots that have people on the street exclaiming their love for a radio station... Why not position yourself and your morning team with a street bit that spoofs these spots while poking fun at yourself?  QT 1.7Mb (8.0MB)
Y105 Ottawa
An update to their TV creative, continuing with Mark and Nida from 5 to 9.  Also featuring 10 songs in a row.  QT 1.7Mb (7.9MB)
CITI 92 FM Winnipeg
CITI 92 FM is Winnipeg's classic rock station, celebrating their 25th anniversary.  suite42 localized our generic classic rock spot for them. QT 1.7Mb (7.7MB)

WMV 450k (1.6MB)

FAN 960 Calgary
After a rebranding from the old TEAM 960 to the new FAN 960, suite42 was happy to produce a new spot for this Calgary sports radio station. WMV 450k (1.7MB)
Ottawa Lynx promotional spot
Here's the dilemma: Produce a 30 second spot that encourages fans to go see the game at the stadium while also letting fans know they can watch the games live on television.  Here's what we came up with... WMV 450k (1.7MB)
Ottawa Lynx elements package
suite42 further supported the re-branding of Ottawa's triple A ball team with a new elements package for their television coverage.  Take a look at the opener...

original music: Blue Turtle

WMV 450k (1.4MB)
XFM Ottawa / Vancouver
XFM is alternative and wants to continue a brand that sells this concept.  We've been working with them on a series of concepts from an upside-down tease to more traditional splash of artists spots. Upside-down U2 (WMV 1.6MB)

Generic Vancouver (WMV 1.6MB)

KISS 96.9 Calgary
After a format change in Calgary, KISS 96.9 was formed.  This Hip-Hop and R&B station was a significant switch from the previous Classic Rock format.  suite42 produced two spots quickly to change out the old creative. spot 1: WMV 300k (1.6MB) 

spot 2: WMV 300k (1.6MB) 

C103 Moncton
Newcap Radio in Moncton needed an extra push in their sweeps period.  We were able to rush this for them with minimal elements to meet their deadline. WMV 300k (1.6MB)
Volunteer Campaign
National volunteer week is celebrated by many throughout the world.  Rogers Television asked suite42 to develop a series of spots that would highlight some of those individuals who give their time and talent to the station.  This is one of three spots we produced... WMV 300k (1.7MB)
105.9 LITE FM Central Ontario
A simple spot that had to push as many recognizable landmark images of the various towns and cities this station has a listener base in.  Naturally, this was mixed with equally recognizable artists that fit their LITE format. WMV 300k (1.7MB)
Rock 97 Calgary
Rock 97 in Calgary was looking for a new spot to continue their Classic Rock brand.  This generic stinks of classic rock!  We are currently working on some contest spots for Rock 97 also.  QT 500k (7.8MB)
 WMV 300k (1.6MB)
Generic spot for TEAM 960 Calgary
Calgary's Team 960 contacted us to help them focus audience attention to their station which is the new home of the Calgary Flames.  In addition, they wanted to reinforce the association of other sports properties featured  "on the radio".  QT 500k (7.8MB)
 WMV 300k (1.6MB)
Generic spot for Y105 FM
We are currently working on a series of spots for Y105 in Ottawa.  Initial generic spots will position them for all day at work listening.  Our plans will include a production design package for the televised version of their Hot 30 video count down show.  QT 1.7Mb (7.9MB)
 WMV 300k (1.6MB)
Y105 FM Vacation Contest
Y105 has also been positioned as Ottawa's Vacation Station.  suite42 produced this spot for a sweeps period push.  QT 1.7Mb (7.9MB)
Generic spot for CHEZ 106.1 FM
Simple is effective.  In alignment with CHEZ's aggressive marketing plan, we helped them re-brand by updating their Television spots.  This generic image spot is running in Ottawa.  QT 1.7Mb (8.7MB)
 WMV 300k (1.6MB)
"Break the Bank" spots for CHEZ
This is a series of three 30 second spots to promote their newest sweeps contest featuring give-aways up to $50K in cash.  The spots were written by CHEZ. #1 QT 1.7Mb (8MB)
#1 WMV 300k (1.6MB)

#2 QT 1.7Mb (8MB)
#2 WMV 300k (1.6MB)

#3 QT 1.7Mb (8MB)
#3 WMV 300k (1.6MB)

Clothes Line Project
A 30 second PSA for an Ottawa based charity to assist wives and children who are victims of abusive relationships. ASF 56k (125kB)

ASF 300k (1.1MB)

DIVX 500+k (1.8MB)

67's Night
A 30 second spot produced for Rogers Television.  A tongue in approach that follows the cliché of a "monster truck" ad. ASF 56k (134kB)

ASF 300k (1.2MB)

DIVX 500+k (3.4MB)

October 19th is coming
A 10 second teaser for Rogers Television to raise awareness of their new fall season. ASF 56k (68kB)

ASF 300k (590kB)

DIVX 500+k (757kB)

A series of 2:30 packages to wrap around the 2000 New Year's back to back Tom Green festival.  This is one of the breaks, they followed a "dinner and a movie" style. ASF 56k (596kB)

ASF 300k (5.4MB)

DIVX 500+k (7.5MB)

Go Sens Go!
A quick rally spot to wish the team good luck, and promote their exclusive weekly show on Rogers Television ASF 56k (61kB)

ASF 300k (314kB)

DIVX 500+k (330kB)

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