Production element design for Farwell Live included logo designed with versions for Television, Web, Print and Embroidery.  Other production graphic elements were also designed. Logo Applications (pdf 300k)

Bottom third gfx (jpeg 300k)

Logo design, motion background and other production elements for Tracey Hemphill Live Logo Applications (jpeg 153k)
Logo design for Grand Gardens included applications for Television, Web and Print. Logo Applications (pdf 530k)
Once in a while we design for non-television applications.  For example, the St. Patrick's Parade.  This poster was used for 48x72 backlit exteriors as well as smaller paper versions. Poster Design (jpeg 64k)
Logo design for Reel Shorts included applications for Television, and Web. Logo Applications (pdf 186k)
Front Row Centre
This is visual sequence we produced for a local arts and entertainment show.  This is 100% original footage. (no sound) Real Media 56k (180kB)

Real Media 300k (1.7MB)

DIVX 500+k (2.9MB)

The Ticket
An opening sequence for another local arts and entertainment show.  Again, 100% original, no stock. ASF 56k (151kB)

ASF 300k (1.3MB)

DIVX 500+k (3.0MB)

An opening sequence for a national documentary series that focused on the quirky people, places and things that are "Made in Canada". ASF 56k (234kB)

ASF 300k (2.1MB)

DIVX 500+k (6.6MB)

Another opening sequence for a pilot.  This show features recipes and techniques from Margaret Dickenson's internationally acclaimed cook book "From the Ambassador's Table".  The music is an original piece produced by Atomic Audio. ASF 56k (142kB)

ASF 300k (1.3MB)

DIVX 500+k (703kB)

The Weekend Duffers
Continuing his brand, Frank Papineau has released his newest "weekend" production, The Weekend Duffers.  The elements package suite42 created includes bumps, transitions, stings, bugs and lower thirds.  Here is the opener...  QT 1.7Mb (7.8MB)
 WMV 300k (1.6MB)
We developed a package for this new food series, including an opener and bumpers.  ASF 56k (173kB)

ASF 300k (2MB)

QT 1.7Mb (10MB)

One of the new elements in Lofty Ideas (HGTV) to freshen the look.  This is the bumper into the "Designer's Notebook" segment. (no sound) Real Media 56k (33kB)

Real Media 300k (339kB)

DIVX 500+k (1.2MB)

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