An opening sequence for Farwell Live.  This package included logo applications and certain production elements  QT 1.7Mb (4.2MB)
Tracey Hemphill Live, an opener for this regional issues based production.  Design also included logo and other production elements  QT 1.7Mb (5.4MB)
A title animation for a new series from Mountain Road Productions that won Best Practical Information Series at the 2002 Gemini awards.  This home renovation show gives the do-it-yourself viewer guidance through comedic relief.  Original logo design by Sarah Dobbin. (no sound)  QT 1.7Mb (2.9MB)
The Weekend Duffers
Continuing his brand, Frank Papineau has released his newest "weekend" production, The Weekend Duffers.  The elements package suite42 created includes bumps, transitions, stings, bugs and lower thirds.  Here is the opener...  QT 1.7Mb (7.8MB)
 WMV 300k (1.6MB)
We developed a package for this new food series, including an opener and bumpers.  ASF 56k (173kB)

ASF 300k (2MB)

QT 1.7Mb (10MB)

One of the new elements in Lofty Ideas (HGTV) to freshen the look.  This is the bumper into the "Designer's Notebook" segment. (no sound) Real Media 56k (33kB)

Real Media 300k (339kB)

DIVX 500+k (1.2MB)

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